Food Blahs

Something wierd has happened to me the past few days: I haven’t felt like eating. My stomach has been in knots and wasn’t feeling it. I have been drained of energy and all I wanted to do was sleep. I had felt like shit.

I went to write a grocery list because I needed to go today and it hit me: I hated what I was eating. I didnt want a baked potato. I didn’t want chickpea curry. I didn’t want anything. So I threw out my grocery list and went to the grocery store to pick out what I truly wanted.

I got sugary cereal, flatbread and dressing for sandwiches and sorbet for when I want dessert. I got what I really wanted for food and guess what? I wanted to eat again. I even cancelled a Chinese dinner date with myself because I was more excited about what I had in my grocery cart.

Moral of the story: Switch up your food routine once in awhile. Get things you will enjoy eating!

Anyway, how has everyone’s week been?


Does anyone who has been vegan for a while now get sick when they eat faux meat? I used to be able to eat faux meat but my body has decided its not a good idea and I gag real bad when I eat it. I made a vegan roast beef sandwich this past weekend and as soon as my body detected the fake meat, my body was like,”nope, not today bitch” and I gagged real bad. I didnt want to throw up because I was at my bf’s house, so I took some pepto bismol. I used to eat that roast beef every day. Maybe it is time to move on.

Any takers for the 40 day vegan challenge? How are you doing?

Week 4 of classes. So far, so good.