A Long Chat

As I’m laid up in bed with the flu, I figured I would talk to you guys about some random stuff.

I know that I have been saying I want to get on YouTube, but I have decided that WordPress is going to be my platform of choice for vlogging. I can say what I want to say and not have to get into any kind of argument with other vegan vloggers (you know they do this shit because their bored and the more views they get, the more money for them). I’m not cool with people putting words in my mouth and having them misconstrue what Im trying to say.

Now that that has been said…

I am packing real lunches for school this semester. I found some super duper lunch containers (read: the plastic Chinese take out boxes) so I am taking my lentil mix and my mushroom mix to school with me. It’s been a fun adventure figuring out where there are microwaves on campus.

It’s taking me forever to type this. It’s partly all the dayquil I’m taking but mostly all the cats climbing all over me. I’m okay with this.

I Promised You A Recipe

Level: super easy

What you need:

Spaghetti (not angel hair), whole wheat prefered

Ragu Garden Combination Pasta Sauce is prefered, but any vegan pasta sauce will do

Gardein vegan ground “beef”, half the bag

Tofurkey vegan Italian sausages, just 2 links

Procedure: Put water on for cooking the pasta

Cut up the sausages into bite size pieces. Put them in a pan on medium heat and fry until crispy.

Add your beef into the pan. Cook until crispy.

By now, your water should be boiling. Put your spaghetti in to cook for 8 minutes.

Add half the can of Ragu sauce into your pan, let simmer.

When your pasta is done, drain, mix with a bit of olive oil, then put in the pan with the sauce. Mix

Add vegan mozzarella cheese for garnish.