A Little Bit Of The Good Stuff

I was getting creative with my food this week. Obviously, my mac and cheese was AWESOME but yesterday I wanted some Mexican food. I cooked some lentils in vegetable stock and taco seasoning and made my self some rice. I put some leftover vegan provolone cheese on top. Damn it was good!!

I need to find a more satisfying lunch though. Chips and chickpea salad sandwich isn’t cutting it.

This semester is coming to a close FAST and my brain is ready for winter break. Two more weeks, brain! Get it together! We can do this!

Happy Belated Thanksgiving!!

I tried the Field Celebration Roast. It was terrible. Never againā˜¹

Anywho, I went to my boyfriend’s aunts house around 1:30 for dinner. It was a good time. He had family in from Scotland so it was fun listening to another accent.

Then we went to my aunts house and nibbled on food. We had a good time.

Hope you all had a good Thanksgiving!!

Wild Wild Week

A lot of stuff happened this week, but now time to relax (?) for the holidays.

I am excited about making a run to store that I love, Mustard Seed Market, to get myself a delicious roast.

My fam does a small Thanksgiving the Sunday before so we can have a non stress filled day where we can be ourselves.

Anyway, I cant wait for my roast. I bought one last year and forgot to get mushroom gravy. Had to make my own. It’s okay though, I survived.

One thing I’m not sure I will survive, Christmas shopping. That’s another post for another day.

In A Better Mental State

Feeling better this week. My laptop died so I bought a new one only to find my printer I bought in September isn’t compatible with Chrome’s operating system was a set back this week but hey, you can’t win them all (can’t I win just ONCE?)

Also, my rice cooker died. Ugly crying ensued.

Anyway, I have myself on what I feel like is stable ground right now, so let’s talk food:

Making the switch back to oatmeal in the mornings. I was eating kids cereal in the summer to late fall, but I need warmth inside and out.

I am switching up coffee for tea. I’m tryimg not to give my body a stupid reason to be anxious.

I am making myself larger lunches since I am at school most of the day. That way I’m not eating my entire box of fruit snacks on the way home.

Stir frys for dinner. I live for stir frys. I have a salad with it so I get more veggies in.