Too Much?

I have overloaded myself with my schoolwork and my job. I am not eating well (which is stressing me out) and it is causing me to binge. I haven’t been able to exercise. I am also not drinking enough water. Soda? Yes. Coffee? Definitely. Water? Negative.

I am taking steps to make my life easier though:

1. Cut down on hours at work (I really can’t afford to, but school comes first)

2. Cut back on classes next semester. Two instead of three. Might add yoga so I am FORCED to get some exercise AND calm down.

3. Get a good grocery shop in where I can have small snacks but good, filling meals three times a day.

4. Always keeping a small plastic water bottle with me so I can fill it up anytime anywhere.

Just a Question

Who gets mad when you see something that looks AWESOME to eat and find out it’s not vegan? This is my story with salt and vinegar chips.

I work retail and I found out our house brand salt and vinegar potato chips are vegan. And a dollar a bag. I’m crying I’m so happy.

Why does everything have to have an animal product in it? Peanut butter doesn’t need honey. SALT AND VINEGAR CHIPS DON’T NEED MILK SOLIDS!!

Yes, this is the stuff that is important to me.

My Crazy Life

So my life has been insane the past few weeks. Sorry for not posting. School work and regular work has kept me from making any fun juicy awesome posts and now I have a few minutes to breathe and write. So here’s what has been going on:

I have been downgraded to $15 a month for food stamps. I’ll figure out how to survive. At least it’s something.

I am so tired of pizza. Screw if it’s not durable, I’m going back to sandwiches! Tofurkey roast beef with Follow your Heart Provolone cheese. It will be the bulk of my food stamps, but I got a good deal on cans of lentil soup and a 5#bag of potatoes, a 3#bag of kids cereal and almond milk, so I will be okay.

I am now starting to keep snacks in my car. Everyone says snacking is bad for you but paying $1.25 for a small bag of candy is bad for my wallet. I found (accidentally*) vegan fruit snacks, bags of smart pop popcorn, lentil chips and pretzels. I should do a little video on it.

Got to go back to the real world!!

“Just keep swimming!”


*accidentally means I found fruit snacks that not only are vegan but didnt cost an arm and a leg to buy!