In My Next 30 Years

I’m going to be successful in whatever I do!!

First week of school im the books and I am drowning in the books. I might need to back off of work.

Also, all this gosh darn technology keeps it hard for me to keep up!! I have 5,000 assignments on 50 different apps. It’s confusing and will probably be my downfall.

Being vegan on campus has been interesting. Got a veggie wrap for $5 and it was ok at best. I think I will just make pizza and be done with it.

Turning 30

Next Tuesday is a landmark for me. I am going to turn 30. What’s next in my life? I dunno but I am freaked out to find out.

I have decided that I am going to make pizza for my lunches. It can be eaten hour or cold and it’s pretty easy to transport. So that’s it for me. Pizza and ramen. Every college kids diet!!

So I am currently not getting my food stamps. It’s my fault.

Guess what that means? $10 weekly budget for food!! I went to Dollar General and bought oatmeal, chickpeas (for chickpea salad sandwiches. I already have just mayo), applesauce cups, chips spaghetti, asparagus, and mushrooms (I have spaghetti sauce). Hopefully I can survive this storm!

I’m Working On It

I am working on posting on social media more. I promise more pics on Tumblr, Twitter and Instagram.

I am working on a meal plan for the fall. I love what I am eating now and as much as I don’t want to stop, winter is coming (physically and metaphorically). I need something I can eat every day with no tomatoes (they make me break out) and something I can take to go. I also need it to be filling. I’m a girl that likes to eat!!

I am working on working out and I feel great! Not a lot of progress, but I feel better mentally when I work out.

I Forgot To Post Yesterday

Mea culpa. So this week has been better than last week.

Started a new workout routine. I needed to add more food to my diet because of that so hummus and pita bread it is!! I figured that would be a good post workout snack (although of someone could point me in the direction of oil-free hummus that would be wonderful).

I need to start thinking about a good idea for fall lunches. I will keep you posted on that one. I dont want anything that can be cooked. I’m going back to school and need to pack my lunch.