Working on Getting A New Badge in Vegan Scouts!!

I now the proud owner of a rice cooker. I figured I should get one because all the cool kids are buying one (mine was $11.25 at Dollar General). It only comes with instructions on how to cook rice, but I’m sure I can figure out how to make plenty of things in it (hence badgework).

Has anyone just gotten into a groove with their food, like you could eat the same thing for weeks and not care? That’s me right now. Oats and fresh fruit for breakfast, chickpea salad sandwich, sweet spicy chili doritos, carrots, apple sauce and capri sun for lunch and stir fry/curry with rice for dinner. I like my groove. It makes grocery shopping easy and I like what I am eating😊

Work It Out

I have been working on getting into a workout groove again. I’ve decided that enough was enough and I am getting a little on the squishy side. My veganism can only do so much. I’ve got to get moving!

By the way, you know that you can look great while working out and being vegan? Check out SoTrueQ and Jon Venus (I have yet to find some youtubers for the women. If you’re out there, I will find you). 

Being the Vegan in the Relationship 

I have been dating a gentleman for a few months now and he is not vegan. Does this matter? No. Why? Because I’m respecting his choice to eat meat (and I am sure he’ll come around sooner or later😉). I understand this is controversial. He is diabetic so I have to watch what he can have a lot of and what he can’t.

His family, on the other hand, has been nothing short of awesome with me being vegan. They pull recipes off the internet and have a field day in their kitchens. 🤗🤗😊😊I am so grateful.

Let’s Get Back to Business

I had to take a break for my mental health. My world was crashing down and I had to repair it. You have to be your own Superman.

I’m still trying to get into nursing school. All my credits from U of Akron are too old so I have to retake a bunch of my classes. 

I don’t really feel a connection with my family anymore. I have been used and abused so much I only see them as roommates. I can’t wait to move out again.

As far as being vegan, I will admit that I have fucked up some. Now that my world has calmed down a bit, I have worked on getting my diet in proper order. I am eating more healthful and less of the junk.

I am working on my minimalism every day. It’s amazing how much stuff one can accumulate and never realize it. It’s amazing how much of other people’s stuff I have accumulated and never realized it. 

On the broke bitch budget for the next few years, not that I haven’t done a spending freeze for the past few months. We will see how this goes.

Just giving an update. I will tey to post once a week starting now.