Plans for the New Year

I want to make some changes.

I will still post on here every Thursday. It seems to be working well for now.

I want to get all social media for Vegan Swedeheart linked up.


I need to get into Nuraing school.

I need to stop eating all the vegan processed foods.

Hope you all have a very ambitious 2017! See you all next year!

Christmas Food!!

‘Tis the season to be baking…and cooking…and enjoying the people around you. Well, I have done only two of those and based on this blog being about food, I can only assume you know the two that I mean!

I made some vegan chocolate chip cookies and the fam gave them a thumbs up. They are hidden until Christmas day.

As far as cooking goes, I have made bith the cauliflour steak and the mushroom chop from Nom Yourself and they are pretty tasty! I will be taking a chop to my aunts house on Christmas.

Hope you are all doing well and have a very merry holiday, whatever you may be celebrating!!

It’s That Time Again

I’m chilly so I made chili. I used the Vegan Zombie recipe (I omitted the peppers and used tofu instead of cashews) and I didn’t realize how much chili I made. I have enough to nosh on for the rest of the month! Not complaining though, I made just as much cornbread to go with it. Yum!

To give myself a break from the aforementioned deliciousness , I made a stir fry for tonight’s meal. 

I will be making my 3rd (or is it 4th?) Goodwill donation this month tomorrow. It feels good to het rid of all this stuff I have!

All The -isms!!

I have been going through a transition to minimalism and it has been the scariest most exhilarating thing I have ever done! I have a very long way to go, but the work I have put in so far has paid off. I can get rid of furniture!! 😄

In all of this, I have found my consumerism to be appaling. I bought stuff that I would use once and never again! I have things that have never ever been used! I kept things that made me depressed. Why? Because I bought into the lie that I needed this to be cool. I needed this to be beautiful. I needed that to “survive.” I get claustrophobic when I go down major streets and see signs and adverts. It is a cluttered mess that we all need to clean up. 

Veganism has been the one constant that brings me joy. I love cooking and being in the kitchen doing so is calming to me. This week I bought a lot of pre packaged products and it didnt really give me a whole lot of joy cooking with them, so I will go back to basics and enjoy what nature really provides.

How Whitney Is Doing

I swallowed my pride and got food stamps. I felt ashamed that that is what I had to do. I asked what I could buy with them and they said anything but hot prepared foods. I was so excited. As soon as I activated my card, I went to the grocery store and picked up fresh produce, some rice, bananas, soy cheese and soy milk and I went to the checkout. It worked! I could get my food! I almost cried. So for the last few days, I have been happy and grateful that I can have good food while trying to get myself out of my rut. 

Here is what I have been able to make so far:

It is eggplant, spinach, mushrooms, soy cheese, and marinara sauce layered like lasagna. I had spaghetti on the side.