Oh Dear!

Sorry I didn’t post last week. I got super busy with life.

 This week, I didnt really do anything fantastic in the kitchen. I did sandwich some peanut butter inbetween two homemade vegan chocolate cookies. Mmm. 

I did finish those pierogies. They were meh. I think I will stick to the second ones.

Autumn Is Almost Here

That means I don’t get to get as much fresh fruit and vegetables but I get to make chili that will stick to my ribs (or to my hot dog, depending if football is on or not). I can’t wait to make channa masala and vegan naan and eat it to my hearts content! I love the spring and summer, but fall is almost here, people! Rejoice and make a soy pumpkin spice latte! 

Birthday Week and Other Things

It was my birthday last week so I didn’t post anything. Now I’m back!

I haven’t done the last of the pierogies yet, so don’t think you missed out. I will probably post something about that next week!

It’s crazy how when you try to stick to a budget for food, you somehow always go over. That sucks. What doesn’t suck: buying food that will still be good next week, so you save money that way. Give and take! 

I bought a magazine for my birthday!