A Vegan Taste of The Land

I saw a link on Facebook about food that is so Cleveland it hurts. I’m from the area, so I wanted to see what they got wrong. I clicked and one thing drew my eye as something that looked tasty: a po’ boy sandwich. Not the New Orleans seafood disaster, but the kielbasa, cole slaw, french fry heaven covered in barbecue sauce in a bun. It looked so good I went out the next day (today) and bought ingredients for a vegan version.

For the kielbasa, I used Tofurkey kielbasa.

For the slaw, I used a recipe from the Follow Your Heart website. It’s perfect because it’s not a lot of dressing. 

For the fries, I used frozen shoestrings and fried them up in a skillet.

For the barbecue sauce, I used store bought and checked the ingredient label.

For the bun, I used a sub bun and checked the ingredient label.

It took about 10 minutes to make. 

New purse!!

I went to Medina for a meeting for work and I walked around the square a bit. I found one of my friends consignment shops called 4 Ladies& More so I went in. I immediately fell in love with a purse that is made completely of seat belts. I had to have it! It was 20% off as well!! 

Homemade Salsa and Not So Home Made Salad Dressing

I was in a pinch because the salsa I had bought went a bit moldy and I needed some for my quesadillas FAST! I took a can of Ro-tel, freshly diced onion, cumin, lime juice and a pinch of salt and threw it into a bowl and mixed. It’s super good!

Speaking if good, I tried Dayia’s Caesar Dressing and it made me want to lick my salad bowl. In fact, I admit it: I DID lick my salad bowl (and my dog was bewildered because he’s never seen me do that before). I highly recommend it!

Ugh! I don’t get people’s logic sometimes.

My dad’s gf told me the other day that she wants to lose weight and wants to get rid of (brace yourself) CARBS!! Here’s the punchline: she doesn’t eat carbs. She eats a lot of oil (because that’s healthy) but she doesn’t eat/like carbs. In a carboholic family (the rest of my family are omnivores, but put rice or potatoes in front of them and the tend to eat the carb first) this is a cardinal sin. Blasphemy. This is a problem. Unfortunately, she is not alone. Most of the population thinks carbs are the enemy. CARBS ARE NOT THE ENEMY!! Get rid of as much oil as you can and crowd it out with carbs!