Memorial Day

Memorial day is coming up here in the States. For most of the population, it’s the unofficial start of summer and that’s it. There are two HUGE problems with that. One is that it is just a day off that people can use to barbecue dead flesh. The other is that most people only take 45 minutes to honor the fallen and the rest of the day is dedicated to having fun. I know I am playing fun police, but you don’t like it, gtfo my page before I elaborate on my two glaring problems with this holiday.
You are going to honor the dead by grilling dead, rotting animal flesh? That just seems like a sick joke to me. More animals are killed daily than the American soldiers who lost their lives in WW2, 153 million animals vs. 405,400 soldiers* respectively (read: I only use WW2 because it’s seems to be the only war anyone cares about, at least the only war the History Channel likes).¬† That is a lot of animals to slaughter so we can have fun this weekend.
Also, people DIED for our FREEDOM!! The fallen should have more than just a parade and a 45 minute service at the cemetery and a cookout (and/or the same fucking sale you have at your stupid store) It should be a national day of mourning. These men and women gave our lives so we can have a better tomorrow, not so we can have a cookout.

*from Wikipedia. Accessed may 28th 2016.


Crazy Days

Did anyone watch the Kentucky Derby? Did anyone feel guilty about watching it? Forgive yourself and see that one day this form of “entertainment” will go the way of the Ringling elephants. Lobby, peacefully protest, or sign petitions.

I had a crazy day at work, which means Whitney is going to need a nice little drink. How do I know what I’m drinking is vegan? I usually contact the company or go to their website first. If I can’t get or find an answer, I tend to steer clear of the drink. Better to be safe than sorry¬† (and hammered). RESEARCH IS KEY PEOPLE! There is Barnivore for those who want to sit and look up every brand but the one they have in their house. I feel Barnivore doesn’t do a good job for the cheaper wines and spirits.

Not that I need to remind you, but drink responsibly. No one like a drunk vegan who decides to get all preachy because the liquor dissolved your inhibition.