Now that the weather is warming up,  my taste buds are ready for a mini vacation from cooked food 24/7.  Lately I have been buying more fresh fruits and vegetables. I wouldn’t say I’m raw till 4, but pretty close to it.  I can’t wait for summer to roll around so I can buy cherries! 

What I’ve Been Up To

     I am currently working on a new project to help Veganswedeheart grow. I am expanding the media content! Sorry if everything is called by a different name. For some reason, these sites won’t let me use Veganswedeheart. Wierd, but whatever. My twitter is @Veganswedeheart still. Mt snap chat is VeganSwedeheart
     My Instagram name is VeggieSweetheart.
      I am starting a YouTube channel called That Vegan Chick so everyone can follow that.
      I have a Tumblr set up as Yay4Vegans. Feel free to ask any questions on there and I will answer them as time allows. I want to give educational answers to people who ask legit questions, so give me time to do a little research.
     I will still be blogging on here, so don’t forget to check this page!