The Incompetence of Parents Regarding Their Children’s Health

   So I saw a commercial a few days ago that has me in a very bitchy mood. I was a Bush’s Beans commercial where the kids are eating the baked beans while snickering at the fact that their parents didn’t put any vegetables on their plates. Then you see the parents smile and think that they can pass baked beans off as a vegetable.  WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK?!? How are baked beans a vegetable? How? SOMEONE ANSWER ME!! Who approved this advertisement? Any dipshit SHOULD know that beans are a STARCH AND PROTEIN!!! Parents today remind me of a show I watch where the parents can’t tell their ass from a hole in the ground: South Park. Seriously, parents of today, educate yourself on nutrition and maybe you too can see that this advert is bullshit.

So Much Happened Today

I took the TEAS nursing school entrance exam, which I passed, today. It took about three hours to complete. Go me

I found out that Pierce the Veil is coming out with a new album in May.

I have been noshing on nothing it stir fry and curries for a week and a half now. Super easy to make and keep for a few days at a time.

I’ve Had Enough of This Week

     I should just start posting on Fridays now. It feels right.
     Anyway, there has been a lot going on n my life and I feel the need to vent. My dad had to file for bankruptcy a while back and the guy he hired was a fraud. He took my dad’s money and was doing nothing. Luckily, the courts caught that and found a new attorney for my dad. So we get to keep the house.
     Work is a disaster. I have a co worker who, despite her best efforts, cannot handle the job. My manager can’t seem to understand that she can’t be a mom and a manager at work.
     I am letting out steam at home. Yes, I have a short temper when it comes to things. My dad wanted to yell at me about it, but I told him that before he can yell at me about my temper, he needs to fix his alcoholism.
     On top of all of this, I have three weeks until my nursing entrance exam and I have been studying nonstop. Three ring shit show.
     What does this all have to do with my eating habits after all this is a food blog? They have changed drastically.  I would much rather eat half a box of cherrios with soymilk and call that dinner than cook something. I don’t want to be around my family, so I hide in my room with pretzels and dried fruit. At work, I just make myself a few baked potatoes and munch on those all day. It’s not good at all.