Potato Cleanses and ‘Dear Fat People 2’

     Sorry I didn’t post last week. Things were getting out of hand at work and I was physically and mentally drained.
     The Potato Cleanse is something every vegan has been talking about. It consists of eating nothing but potatoes and non starchy vegetables. That sounds like a diet I went on when I lived in Columbus. The rent was due and my grocery store suddenly stopped carrying Oriental flavored ramen. Regardless, she lost 6 pounds in 30 days and feels great. Good for her. As far as being healthy, maybe it was, maybe it wasn’t. It was a 30 day thing. If she planned to stay on that diet FOR THE REST OF HER LIFE I would be more concerned.
     Nicole Arbor took to YouTube again this week with ‘Dear Fat People 2’.  I just watched it before writing this post. There were some things she said that I agreed with and others, not so much. What’s her damage with vegans? Did you encounter an animal who bit you and a vegan saw it and laughed their ass off?
     I have been trying to get myself to start working out again. I’ve been trying to start dating again. I’ve have been trying to fundraise for nursing school. Its been a very tiring week. I’m going back to bed. Night!

Eating My Feelings

      I have been stressed out lately and it’s driving me mad. I don’t feel like myself. I don’t know what is truly going on. I’m losing things, forgetting important things, bumping into furniture, and just being plain aggressive all the time. I feel like I am turning into one of my nursing home residents and it is scaring me. 
    Anyway, I have been eating my feelings. I have been making sure that it’s healthy stuff I overindulge in, like fruits and vegetables (mostly veg, I need the crunch). I ignore my stomach when it signals that it’s full and keep eating. I need a day to sit down, eat some greens, and chill.

Ben, Jerry and Hellman: 3 Guys That Care or Just Want Your Dollar?

    When I saw that Ben and Jerry’s was going to offer four vegan flavors, I cried tears of joy. Then I started thinking about it a little bit: they are still making a huge chunk of their money via cruelty to animals. Is it worth giving them my money just because they see a niche that needs filled? Nope.
     This comes after Hellman’s wanting to make a vegan mayonnaise. This comes only a YEAR after they tried to sue the shit out of Just Mayo for mis labeling. So I am going to wager a guess and say that Hellman’s wanted to knock off the competition? You can’t formulate things overnight. Will they get a dime of my money? Nope.
     What are your thoughts?