Veganism and Weight Gain

     Would you believe there are overweight vegans walking among us? You should because it is a thing. I know you are thinking how can this be, but the answer is simple: processed food.
     It’s 2016 and there is a vegan version of everything nowadays. Vegan fried calamari, vegan desserts, vegan candy, macaroni and cheese are out there for the grabbing. Here’s my problem: isn’t this the same stuff everyone reached for when they weren’t vegan? Vegan doesn’t equal healthy. It just means that there are no animal products in the food.
     I know I am guilty of grabbing some little nibble of something from time to time (and I encourage you to do he same) but I am asking you all to plunder visit the produce section and grab most of your food from there. You can also grab some rice, beans and lentils in those dreaded inside aisles to round out your shopping trip.

Something That Has Made Me Mad

     On Tumblr, I am seeing a lot of vegans being attacked because they are vegan for reasons other than for saving the animals. You can be an environmental vegan, a dietary vegan, whatever little vegan you want to be THE ANIMALS DONT CARE AS LONG AS YOU AREN’T KILLING THEM!! Being a vegan by default means you are saving animals.

‘Nom Yourself’ Review

     The cover of this cook book says it all: simple vegan cooking.
     When I first saw the book, I thought “oh God, simple my butt. I have been told that before and had to travel to get certain spices and ingredients.”  That is not the case with this cook book. I found every ingredient I needed at my local supermarket.
     I have made a few recipes out of this cook book and my brother really wants me to make him the mushroom chop and he’s a meat eater.  He said it smelled wonderful.


Go get it!!

Take Some Time To Think

     Do you know someone who needs a kick in the pants as far as healthy eating goes? I do. I have a sister who eats junk food upon junk food. After a while, she complains that she is gaining weight and tries a diet. She will see results but goes back to her old ways when she has lost the weight. I have been trying to get her to go vegan change her ways and it has been hard. I am going to sit down with her this weekend so we can watch Forks Over Knives. I need her to see what she is doing to herself.