That Post Holiday Feeling

     If you are anything like me, you ate like a pig yesterday. I mean stuffed yourself silly and had to lossen up the belt a bit. If I can say one thing about it: DONT WORRY ABOUT IT! Don’t starve yourself today. Don’t overexercise today. Just relax and let it be.
    Btw, I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas (or whatever holiday you celebrate). I got a selfie stick so if any of you follow me on Twitter (@Veganswedeheart) you can see how I can get silly with that thing.

‘Street Vegan’

    As with any budget, it goes to the wayside at some point. I bought 3 cookbooks today, one of which is ‘Street Vegan.’ I have looked through it all day, looking for awesome recipes for me to try and I found a few. It all looks pretty uncomplicated, so I will give a few recipes a test run and I will give y’all an update on the other two cookbooks later!



     I have been getting everything together for nursing school and I am so excited!
    My broke bitch budget has been revised…yet again. It is terrible that I keep doing this but I need to.
     I decided that for breakfast, I will have oatmeal. For lunch I will have a vegan chef salad and for dinner I will grab a protein shake. I haven’t gone grocery shopping in two weeks so I dropped $45 on good stuffs for me to eat. It sounds like a lot of dough, but it keeps my stomach full and my wallet fat.

Thanksgiving and Such

Sorry I haven’t posted, the holidays got in the way. I worked Thanksgiving, which wasn’t too bad(For those who don’t remember, I work at a nursing home as a cook, so I REALLY REALLY had to be at work or there would be some angry, white-headed old people running after me) but all in all, it was alright.  Anyone eat any good food on Thankgiving?

I am still on my broke bitch budget. I did splurge Wednesday and got some Chinese food. All I wanted was some fried tofu!!  It was the first time I ate out in (quite literally) one month. Craziness!