Menu Planning is Exhausting…Part 2

   I revamped my menu plans. I figured out that the menu that I had planned wasn’t going to work with my work schedule. I wittled it down to a two week menu: one for when I work the weekend, one for when I don’t. It was looking to be too hectic for me to prep food after a 10-hour shift at work. The Week that I do work is sandwich central and the week that I don’t is when I get to really make food.
     Here’s the menu plan, sorry the picture is a little dark.


Update on Menu! !

     So I just got home from the grocery store and I spent $27.07 on my groceries. That works out to be $1.29 per meal. Not too bad.
     There were some things I already had at home, so that helped. Hopefully, I can go cheaper next time due to the fact that I bought the beans and lentils dry and the rice in bulk.


Menu Planning is Exhausting!!

     I spent 3 hours yesterday writing and rewriting a menu plan for myself that would work for my budget. I started off with a one week menu plan, then a three week menu plan and it turned into a month’s worth of menu plans. Its crazy how you can get ambitious if you put your mind to it.
     Here’s the breakdown of the menu plan: For breakfast I give myself a couple of options. I’m okay with either oats or peanut butter toast. The lunch and dinners are a different story. I put together 4 meals that I can cook in a quantity that will get me through at least 2 lunches and dinners. That saves on prep time and money. I put a picture of my menu below if anyone wants to see what I will be eating for a month.


I am currently hiding at work so I can write this. I have been watching a lot of vegan bodybuilding youtube videos by Humerusfitness. He cane up with this idea to make bean-dillas for breakfast. I have been making one every morning this week and it is delightful! Basically, you put refried beans in between two tortillas and you pan fry it. It is delicious. He sometimes adds guac or cheese or kidney beans, but I am currently keeping it basic, TRY IT!

Anyway, I have been on the b3 diet again. Beans, rice, tortillas and potatoes for me!