Wow this week!!

     I spent sooooo much on food this week and I needed that money to update my fall/winter wardrobe. Oh well, that just means a trip to Goodwill.
     Anywho, I made a whole bunch of food. The first thing I made was falafel (I cheated and bought the boxed stuff). I also battered and fried tofu for various Chinese dishes, like sweet and sour tofu. I bought steak mushrooms and made BBQ mushroom sandwiches (read:so yummy). I made a chickpea and avocado sandwich spread for thse lazy days when I don’t want to be in the kitchen. I was a busy bee in the kitchen!!

Lentils and More Lentils…

That’s my main source of protein right now. I love them and I can’t get enough. I have a lentil curry in my fridge that I have been noshing on for days and it tastes so good! Want the recipe? Get it from this handsome man right here:      Like seriously, hot guy+ vegan recipe equals a very happy Whitney. Sadly, he’s not mine. I hope to find a guy like this at some point in my life.

Internet Down and Tofu Adventures

Hej aloopa! Sorry I haven’t been on in awhile. I had to tell Time Warner to go fuck themselves and find some other internet service. Considering Time Warner has a contract with out township, I couldn’t go with AT&T (who I loved dearly in Columbus, very awesome customer service) so I now have Frontier. We will see how well this all goes.  *sigh* Anyway, to what this blog is really about: FOOD!

I have been playing around with tofu for a minute. I was getting sick of lentils and processed imitation food crap. I have deep fried it, steamed it, scrambled it and baked it, but it all boils down to one thing: it all tastes better with soy sauce on it. It is fitting, considering where tofu comes from (if you don’t know this, for the love of God Google it).