Busy busy little bee!!

     I havent had too much time to experiment with food beause i have been hard at work. I have a to-do list fifteen miles long as of right now, so i have been eating a lot of baked potatoes, salads, bananas and protein shakes. Not super healthy, but its better than grabbing junk.

Breaking Bad Pinterest Habits

     Binge watching this show with a friend (i dont like it, but he does, so whatever) and scouring Pinterest for more vegan ideas. I want to do a lentil loaf that doent have 5000 ingredients. I will give you all an update on that later. I really need to get off this app.

Pinterest Awesomeness

   I figured i posted too much a few weeks ago and y’all needed a break, so I am back, having so much fun in the kitchen.

     If anyone of you follow on twitter (@veganswedeheart), i confessed something yesterday. I have been using pinterest instead of google search lately. That is a good place to go should you have a culinary dry spell.

     Today I had the day off of work, so i decided to flex my culinary muscle in between scrubbing my house down and doing the family’s laundry. I made tofu tenders and an Indian inspired lentil dish. For the tofu tenders, I searched tofu and found a Kentucky Fried Tofu recipe. It was really good. Five stars.  My lentil recipe was something i threw together, so i dont have an official recipe. Everything was to taste. Anyone else cook like that? Feel free to tell me in the comment section below.