Just A Personal Opinion

     Why is everyone ganging up on Freelee? I saw the video and had two thoughts. The first was ‘everyone and everything deserves love, whether they eat meat or not.’ My second thought was ‘i get it. She is so obsessed with helping out the ecosystem that she wants the world to vegan and it shall be a better place.’ She has a right to an opinion. She has a right to voice her opinion on youtube, just as I have a right to voice my opinion on here.
     The viciousness coming from the Freelee haters is what makes veganism a joke to omnivores. Cut it out.

What I Ate Today

I am working a 10 hour shift tomorrow at work, so I am posting a what I ate today segment now.

Breakfast: oatmeal with syrup and raspberries, handful of almonds

Lunch: homemade baked french fries, black beans and mixed vegetables

Dinner: Basmati rice, chickpeas and broccoli

Theres this rub i found that gives anything a kick: bone sucking seasoning. I put it on everything today. It was delicious.

What I Ate Wednesday

Going to stay on top of this blog, so here is what i ate today:

Breakfast: 8 oz green smoothie w/ 8 oz water, 2 bananas

Lunch: vegan mashed potatoes made from 3 large potatoes, vegan mushroom gravy, cooked veggies

Dinner (or what i plan on having for dinner): spaghetti with marinara and a cucumber onion salad

Veginning Again

    Sometimes, you have to go back to basics.

     That is what i am doing currently, and it is scaring people. Like, “why are you eating all that food, are you pregnant” scares. Nope, just eating a lot of fruits, veggies, beans and starches like no tomorrow. The only baby i am having is one of the food type.