Clean up!!

     I just got done scrubbing my apartment and I got to thinking: I need to clean up my diet a bit. I need to get rid of the junkyard stuff that has been accumulating not just in my household, but in my stomach as well. I tend to go gung-ho when I clean (like Cinderella scrub the floors) but I feel like with this, I will need to pace myself. Make small changes.

What the Fika?

     So I love a good fika, just like any other Swede, so what is it and why does no one else do this?

     Fika is a coffee break with a sweet roll or small sandwich. It can be taken alone, but is more enjoyable with other people. Swedes are shy and can be hard to talk to, so if you want to make friends or you fancy someone, you ask them to fika. Don’t ask a Swede to dinner, they’ll get nervous and say no. We can fika all day. Really, this can happen four times a day.

     So why don’t Americans do this? We kind of do this, but we kind of don’t either. We tend to do this when we want a casual first date. This seems to be more of an interview for a job than a date, but hey, that’s how cultures work. Let’s break this and let’s all fika!!