What’s with all the protein? PS: Happy Birthday to This Blog

     I am trying to get into some sort of shape (current shape: woman shaped blob) and I am wanting to try it bodybuilding style. I have my degree in dietetics,  so I am stepping lightly when it comes to this stuff. The one thing these guys harp on: PROTEIN!! You must have PROTEIN at all six meals of the day, plus bcaa (branch chain amino acids, which make up proteins), plus more supplements.

     Am I the only one that thinks these people will go into kidney failure from too much protein? That’s a lot of protein for the body to process.

     Also, I am advised to eat more than the 0.8-1g/kg of weight. I know that this is to make me into superwoman, but how do you ease into this?

     Damn, maybe I should just stick to what I’m doing.

This blog turns 2 today!! Yay!!

Happy Day Before Memorial Day!!

     While everyone is enjoying hot dogs and veggie burgers, I will be enjoying work. It’s okay, free food PLUS time and a half pay.

What’s everybody else doing tomorrow? Whatever it is, please remember to remember the REAL reason why we have this holiday.

Draft Day!!

Today is a bit of a religious holiday in my household: draft day. I have my temporary room mate streaming it online and life feels complete. Of course I am waiting to see who the Cleveland Browns draft (read: it better not be Manziel) and get excited for the upcoming season.

With Cleveland Browns Stadium being at least veggie friendly, I am hoping that I can run up there as much as possible this season.

What are your thoughts for the draft?

Figuring Things Out

So I am going to not talk about recipes for a while. I will be using this blog to be a crash-course of how to reintroduce an omnivore back into your life.

See, I have been living by myself (no roommates, no pets) for almost three years now and my brother is crashing with me for the summer due to an internship. He is a big believer in meat, eggs, and all things cheese. So I will be focusing on that for the summer.

Should I come across something awesome, I will post it.