Why I MUST Get My Food Science Degree!!

    I made a lasagna tonight for dinner and I was thinking to myself, ‘hey, why not put some Kroger Soy Chicken strips in it so is like a more awesome version of chicken parmesan!’ So I did…and it was Meh to say the least.  The lasagna was great. The chicken inside it…not so much.  I pretty much dug the chicken out.  All I could taste was the chicken when I took a bite.  It was terrible! So I am going to write to Kroger and beg for a job citing this incident as a reason that I want to help the company, not hurt it and ask them to come up with a better tasting chicken product.

    Now that I think about it, who makes their product?  O.O


    Anyway, eat well, everyone!!

Cheesy Ramen

I may have gotten my tax return, but that doesn’t mean I need to go haywire with a grocery shop. I will finish what I have (since there is about a week’s worth of groceries left) then I will consider moving on from the B3.

Anyway, I made something delicious (and akin to an old friend) called cheesy ramen tonight for dinner. I have seen it in some vegan college/poor vegan cookbooks, but I pulled this one out of my back pocket. Plus, none of them use the seasoning packet like I do (read: this will taste better). I was also trying to make up a jingle for it, but failed. Too bad, this stuff is just as addicting as the boxed stuff!

2 packages of oriental ramen
2 cups water

Make the ramen like normal, just use the amount of water listed. When ramen is cooked, drain. Set aside

3 Tbs. Earth balance margarine (I use the sticks)
1 cup milk
1 bag (yes, BAG) of Daiya shredded cheddar cheese

In a pot, melt butter, add milk and cheese. Mix until thick. Add ramen noodles. Enjoy!

Life Quotes in Action

As I sit here, terrified that I am barely passing any of my classes and barely able to pay for rent, utilities and food, I am reminded of a quote I read before the new year: Do It or Get Out of the Way.

This goes for anything in life. I am studying harder than ever, I am cutting back on food (which is why I have been posting about soup lately) and my bi-weekly coffee runs. I am determined to make it on my own. I am determined to succeed.

If I don’t, then I will fail (to me, Don’t is a bad word. It means you didn’t try at all). I will go back to Akron in shame. That is the “get out if the way” part if the quote. If I can’t, then I can at least say that I tried my damnedest. I would still need to “get out of the way.”

I need to “do it.” I need to survive.