I had the time of my life!

This past weekend I was able to not only spend time with my dad, but I was able to cook my pants off with some of the most awesome chefs in the US!

Thursday, Friday and Saturday I helped prep food for the chefs. We got to work in the Cleveland Browns stadium kitchen! I got to work for Chef Sam Choy (and his assistant, who is the personal chef of the Lakers!), Blue Smoke out of NYC, Lydia Shire from Scampo in Boston, and Chef Sherry from Helm’s Bakery in L.A.

Saturday evening was the fun event! I wasn’t really needed at my station, so Sugar and Plumm from NYC stole me and I helped assemble their dessert. An all around fun time was had. I Ben have pics of busses that were props from the Captain America movie! So cool!









Aww Nuts!

I have decided that it was time for me to branch out from the typical peanut butter. I was guessing it was causing me to have stomach trouble (maybe it was something else and this is a poor excuse to branch out? Who knows) so I picked up this little devil.


Let me tell you why I call it a little Devil: 12 oz jar costs $7!!!! I could make my own for that price, but I digress. The nut taste is definitely there, but it doesn’t linger in your mouth like peanut butter does. Also, my stomach seems to like it more. Maybe if I find a good recipe, I will post it on here for you!