It’s great to be back!

      I took a month long hiatus because I had to do some soul searching. I emerge alive and well. I have a fun story to tell too!

     In my absence, I haven’t really had a lot of time to cook and experiment. My boyfriend has his food so we just munched on that (fact: mild spice levels in Indian food make be breathe like a retarded dragon, but God help you if you don’t bring me enough siracha).

     Anyway, the only time I have been able to cook is today, and it has been a blast! I made the Vegan Zombie’s Gyros with a twist. I bought the seitan premade and cooked it in veggie broth and herbs. Instead of the traditional gyro sauce (can’t say it, can’t pronounce it, not butchering it out of respect) i used black bean hummus!  I also made a cold qinoua and black bean salad with onion, corn, salt, pepper, and garlic powder. I added tomatoes last because the boy HATES tomato (?!?). So that has been my adventure today.

     Fun story. I was at Kroger today and a guy came up to me and asked me if I was vegan. I said yes, how can I help. He was making loaded baked potatoes and one of his friends is vegan. I helped him pick out some sour cream, cheese and bacon for his friend to try. He thanked me. It was awesome.

Back From the Deep with amazing news!

     I had to take a deep breath for the past week, so I am sorry if you were looking forward to my posts. It amazing what can happen in a week.

     Anyway, to help calm me down I picked up a book that I am going to recommend that everyone reads. It is called “Salt Sugar Fat” by Michael Moss. It is a very interesting look into the food industry (and with that being said, my new major being replaced with marketing majors) and how it is duping everyone from organic food lovers to housewives looking for a quick fix. Pick it up today!