When one’s world comes crashing down…

     So I have a very close relative who might have cancer and my bf had an arranged marriage happen right under his nose.

    Feeling uninspired right now. I will try to blog as much as I can, but don’t count on consistency here. In the meantime, go forth and venture into the world of veganism and report back to me with whatever results you find!

Technology Fail, OSU Vegan Food Find, and Other Thoughts

     So my laptop breaks and I am now typing this post from a cracked cell phone screen. I can’t get it fixed until (looks at calendar) Monday at best.  Oh bother.

     Anyway, enough of my rantings, here’s an update as to what I have been doing. I challenged myself to find something vegan to eat on campus, and I believe I have found one! In the Ohio Union, there is a sushi stand (scary, I know. Cafteria style sushi is very scary) and I picked up some Inari with soymilk and an apple. It was fairly good. I had had a sushi craving for a while and this pacified it. So if you are ever in the Ohio union, feel free to pick some up! I will post updates on what else I find. I also challenge everyone who reads to find something vegan to eat on campus and share your thoughts!

     Speaking of thoughts, what’s with the Paleolithic diet all of a sudden being a craze? Cavemen and women only lived to be 25 years old. What makes you think this diet is going to help you in the long run?



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