Back from hiatus

School (well, life in general) has been taking up a lot of my time. I am sorry to those of you who love this blog.

And it is Valentine’s Day, so I want to take a moment to say I love you all. I also love animals. I make sure to give them a big hug and not eat their friends and family.

What has happened since I have been on hiatus…

OH! The USDA is reportedly shutting down for a couple of weeks in March.  That means that meat prices will be skyrocketing, not that we need to worry about that.

The Ministry of Nutrition (or whatever the ADA is called now) has decided to take a stand against corporate sponsorship of FNCE and other conventions. About damned time, I say! I always found it wierd that McDonald’s would pass out fruit at the convention yet never put it on their menu. Check out the Facebook page called “Dietitians for Professional Integrity.” Its worth a look.