Let’s Make Like A Pea and Split!

     I have nothing to do right now except blog and wait for orientation to truly begin, so I will update you on some food happenings.

     My boss threw (not literally, thank God) about ten pounds of split peas at me on Wednesday and told me to take them home and do something with them. I looked at him, looked at the peas, and looked at him again. I said okay and took them home. I soaked a little in some water and slept on the fact that I, like some idiot, took ten pounds of peas. What the hell does someone do with all those peas? I decided that making those cute little jars of dried ingredients for soup and giving those as gifts this year was not a pliable answer, because most of my family hates peas.

     I thought about it all day at work yesterday, with no answer. I made some version of pea soup when I got home and stared at the box of peas. Put them in Gatorade bottles and use them as weights? Possibly, but I can lift more than that. Make a fun musical instrument that would annoy the neighbors? They are nice to me. I was getting annoyed.

     So as of right now, they are still sitting in their box, waiting for me to make them into something awesome for tonight’s dinner. Wish me luck. There might be a cook book coming out soon called A Million Things To Do With Split Peas.

How long has it been?

     Sorry for the delay, people. Gearing up for school (read: round two), working overtime and holidays can leave blogging at #4 of my list of things to do. I will try my best to keep up with this blog during this insanity.

    So, did everyone have a good Thanksgiving? How did everyone’s Tofurkey come out? I personally did not eat any Tofurkey this year. I just had two plates of my mashed potatoes. Very good eats, I must say.



     Thinking about making a segment called A Very Vegan Christmas. Thoughts?

Come ‘ere, my litteal Pomegraneet!

     Bad Pepe Le Pew pun aside, there is a lot to love about the Pomegranate. They are crunchy, sweet, and an awsome topping to put on everything from oatmeal to ice cream.

Said to be a “superfood” and can cure ailments from a hiccup to cancer,* these things can pack a punch, especially in the vitamin C department. I mean, I guess if you are sick, reach for one of these when you are out of oranges.

I do have one question: how to they get pomegranate juice out of these guys? Everytime I make an attempt, it looks like I committed murder in my kitchen (See? It wasn’t Mrs. Scarlet in the conservatory with the candlestick! We can all go home now). The thought boggles me.

Anyway, here is a link to nutrition facts for pomegranates: http://nutritiondata.self.com/facts/fruits-and-fruit-juices/2038/2

*This is false. We all know these claims are outrageous, or at least I hope YOU do!

Go Bananas! Go go Bananas!

      Most of the accounts I follow are fitness accounts (read: veganites, come find me @veganswedeheart). What is their favorite fruit? BANANAS! Rachel Zoe would be proud of my timeline. Every other word is bananas. In all honesty, what CAN’T you do with bananas? Here are some ideas for bananas:

*Substitute half a banana for every egg in cakes and quick breads. It will make your product taste like bananas, so be careful.

*Mash, freeze and you have ice cream!

*Dip bananas in chocolate and ice cream toppings, freeze, and enjoy!


*Forget all this and just enjoy the greatness of a banana!