The best or the worst thing to happen to the breakfast world. Homemade is the best thing. Add whatever you want as a topping (my favorite now is a small scoop of protein powder with a packet of sweetener and some soy milk) and it can be a culinary delight. Grab the instant stuff with ingredients no-one can pronounce (and are probably animal byproducts anyway) and reap the non-benefits. So here is the challenge: get creative with oatmeal, I want to hear the results!

Hal and Al’s

     A fun little vegan spot located right outside of German Village is an awesome place to go get all the food omnivores don’t think that we eat! It is all vegan (read: Hallelujah) and the menu contains everything from beer brats to pizza to burgers to pretzels and everything else in between, so go down and chow down!

Eat clean?

     I have been looking at gymspo and fitspo websites, and they talk of eating “clean,” meaning NOTHING processed. I am not really sold on this idea, but it does have its good points. It focuses on fruits, veggies, and lean meats (obviously for us, that would be a yes for beans and a no for peanut  butter). It says that the grains must be whole grain and no sugary drinks. I think the only reason I am not sold on this idea is that people will distort this idea and turn it into a cover up for an eating disorder (hey, sounds just like veganism). I want to talk to someone who can give me REAL information.

Peanut Butter

     A truly American substance that the rest of the world will never understand (I hear foreigners say, “No wonder Americans are fat” after they try it). It is one of those hot-button foods, constantly in a tug of war on whether it is good for you or not. My consensus: it is good for you until it is the ONLY THING PROVIDING NOURISHMENT FOR AN INDIVIDUAL. One cannot live on peanut butter alone, so here are some tips on how to not just eat it out of the jar:

Peanut sauces: perfect for salads, stir-fry and everything in between (I have one, will share later)

Peanut desserts: usually an Ohio treat called Buckeyes can be made vegan (read: don’t eat real Buckeyes, they are poisonous) and again, moderation on the sweets!

Real peanuts: just eat the legumes themselves!  No, they are technically not a nut. I like mine boiled. Just be careful about the amount of salt put in these guys!

Vegan Food Pyramid

Here is a copy of a vegan food pyramid for those who want One either for themselves or to show friends that being vegan the right way (read: usually an excuse given by people with Anorexia Nervosa) can be healthy. 


Ps: go get the new Pierce the Veil album…amazing work!