Hunting and Gathering

Yes, hunting and gathering is an essential part of life, especially vegans. One must hunt out the vegan food and gather so we can survive on this planet.

In order to make the hunt successful, one must do research. There is a website made by PETA called “I Can’t Believe It’s Vegan” that is available online. This is just a start, though.

Now for the gathering section. This can get tricky just because of the hidden stuff in food. There are preservatives, flavorings and colorings in food that come from animals. I believe there is an app that can tell you if the ingredient in question is vegan or not.

Now go forth, Katniss, and may the foods be ever in your flavor!

NP: Marianas Trench-Stutter (playing the girl card here. Not giving a care.)

Miss Manners and the Vegan

Everyone can be rude, vegans and meat eaters alike. Now to combating flack can be easily done, just follow these guidelines:

1) Educate, don’t alienate. People will talk about how vegan people’s food looks gross. Don’t do a rolling of the eyes. Just explain where the food comes from (funny thing: it is either a farm or factory, just like theirs) and encourage them to try a piece. If people still make fun, just keep eating and take heart in the fact that they will die sooner eating all that extra fat and cholesterol.

2) DO NOT PLAY THE MARTYR!!! When going out with friends, check the menu on the website first. Should there not be anything to eat, get creative. Look at the menu and make a dish out of some choice foods.  Be sure to tip super extra should the restaurant take time to do this. If going to a friend’s house, bring an
awesome dish to share with everybody. No one likes a person who moans over being vegan. Let people on fad diets do that…which reminds me…

3) VEGANISM IS NOT A DIET FAD! DO NOT TREAT IT LIKE ONE! I do not care of Oprah or Jessica Simpson did the “vegan cleanse,” look where they are now!  If someone cannot stay vegan (keep in mind we can fall off the wagon sometimes. As long as one gets back up and goes back to being vegan, people will be forgiving) then they shouldn’t have chosen veganism.

4) Do not play vegan police. It is rude and EVERYONE screws up. It harkens back to the old phrase, “Get that stick out of the anus before someone rips it out and uses the person as a piñata.”


Since it is only…well…91 degrees in the heartland, I figured a salad would be just the thing! For those underestimating a salad, don’t. For the cost of going and grabbing Northstar (read: I LOVE NORTHSTAR!) you can make yourself salad for a week. Just grab all the veggies you can, chop them up, add fruit and/or cheese et voíla!


May the foods be ever in your flavor!

Greetings from The Capitol…of Ohio! This is Whitney and I will be your vegan swedeheart, blogging about all the cool stuff that makes veganism great! The importance of food, the recipes for some awesome food, the pictures of said food (warning: some may look half chewed. I want to try it before I post something nasty), and much more! I look forward to posting some awesome stuff for everybody! Let’s do this!