Boston, Being Home and New Opportunities

Boston was awesome. It is one thing to fall in love with the city, but I fell in love with the people too. Everyone was friendly when my bf and I were walking around(which is why I didn’t mention I’m from Ohio. The last thing I need is to get into a brawl over the Cavs/Celtics series.) Driving was another story. Scary is an understatement.

Fenway park was a blast! And same situation there too!

I think I annoyed my boy a little with trying to find a vegan restaurant. They had vegan burgers everywhere but at the shellfish places he wanted to go to (the shellfish was overpriced anyway.) We compromised by going to local bars and seeing what was on the menu.

It sucks to be home actually. I felt my blood pressure and stress level rise as I walked in the door.

That leads me to my good news: I GOT A JOB AT CLEVELAND CLINIC!! When I got that call I squealed harder than a fangirl. I will be starting that soon!

Shipped Up To Boston!

Sorry for not posting yesterday, I was in route to my friends wedding. 12 hours in a car. If I had done this trip alone I would have had a very bad time (Thank you bf for being so amazing even though you don’t read my blog big shout out to you sweets😘😘😘.) That brings me to my next point: eating vegan on the road. As much as the US is getting on board with the vegan trend, truck stops have yet to assimilate. That is why I made damned sure to bring a lot of snacks with me on the trip…and learn how to pick cheese off of a salad in 10 seconds.

So now I am here in Boston, lying in a bunk bed (top with no bar to keep me from falling to my death. I like to live dangerously) wondering what’s for breakfast.

If you didn’t see my carrot hot dog post on Instagram, go check it out at veggiesweetheart. It was okay and I will make it again.


Yeah, it’s a fun day!

I had an interview this morning. I did well enough to get to round two!

To celebrate, I cleaned the garage and got my bike up and running. I have been on that thing for a while and DAMN I forgot how much fun it is. I felt like a kid again.

I haven’t been doing anything out of the ordinary as far as food goes. My shepherd’s (or more correctly, lentil farmer’s) pie was absolutely delicious. I am definitely making it again.

VegFest Cleveland is tomorrow, but I can’t go. 😢I have finals coming up next week and I need to get to studying. I will be at Warped Tour though.